Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sock Summit 2009

It was surprising how excited, awed and delighted I felt at Sock Summit. In my life's perspective, it shouldn't have felt so important, but it did. I think everyone who went or wanted to go felt part of something unexpectedly grand. The anticipation was there, as were wonderful yarn and tools, generous sponsors, fabulous venders, outstanding organization and follow-up. Yes, we had stars and personalities, authors and luminaries *and they were us*. We all were awed and delighted to be there. People came out of retirement to speak and teach at Sock Summit and some admitted to being a little star-struck too. For four short days, we owned the convention center. We were not unusual, we were remarkable. I want to do it again. I'm afraid the next one won't live up to this standard. I'm willing to take that chance. Stephanie & Tina, ST1 & ST2, I'm patient, I'll wait. Please do this again.

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