Thursday, October 8, 2009

On staying put

What if I ever have to move? I’ve lived in this house 33 years. I’m a packrat. The worse part of moving was always deciding what to take & what to leave behind (auction, yard sale, ebay, charity etc.). Even worse than that is discovering DH let people rummage in the trunk that was absolutely NOT FOR SALE, and Mama’s favorite dolly (antique by now and worth $500 at a conservative guess) got sold for a couple of dollars. Can’t fix it now, so let it go, still in love with the exasperating man. It’s worth a few tears, but not a fight.The best part of moving was new space, having to go through all my stuff, ending up with a lighter load and having a chance for said DH to get creative with the new space and some inspired remodeling. It’s also a chance for me to get creative with the landscape without mourning the plants that had to go to make room for the new. I did mention I’m a packrat? That applies to outside the house as well as in.

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